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Where can I buy Fluff & Tuff products?
Thank you for asking! You can find our Fluff & Tuff retail partners at:
How well do your toys hold up with a destructive chewer?
Our toys are made out of high-quality fabrics to be more durable, but they are still a plush toy and therefore not indestructible as they are a play toy, not a chew toy. We can’t emphasize that enough – “not a chew toy”! Much depends on the individual behavior of the dog and whether they do well with plush toys in general. We advise that you always supervise your dog’s playtime. So, if your dog gets tired of tugging with Nuts the Squirrel and decides his tail would make a nice snack, please take him away and give your dog something a little sturdier to chew on.
Do you guarantee your toys?
We do not guarantee our toys against chewing or destructive behavior. We do, however, stand behind our construction and manufacturing standards and guarantee against manufacturer defects.
How long will it take my order to ship?
We know your dog needs their Fluff & Tuff toy ASAP! Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 business days (unless otherwise specified).

Do you ship outside the US?
Of course! Fluff & Tuff ships all over the world via USPS. If you are interested in ordering outside of the contiguous US and would like a shipping quote, please contact: [email protected]
What is Tuffweb™ mesh?
TuffwebTM mesh is our unique, thick inner mesh material which lines our ultra-plush fabrics and adds an extra layer of durability to their construction.
Where are your toys made?
Fluff & Tuff toys are manufactured in China at our small, boutique ICTI certified factory. We’re proud of the superior quality of our products and go to great lengths to maintain those high standards. Our toys are custom designed by us and meet the US Standard Consumer Safety Specs for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-11). They are tested for leads and phthalates, double scanned for metal or foreign objects, AZO dye free, stuffed with a non-toxic polyester fill and all eyes are embroidered for added safety.
Are my Fluff & Tuff toys machine washable?
Did your dog bring their Beach Ball outside to play, too? Well, all Fluff & Tuff toys are machine washable. First, please check over for any small holes or tears and then wash in a moderate temperature setting. Air dry or machine dry on low, but be quick about it – they’re waiting!
Where do you come up with the names for your toys?
We get this question quite a bit. Most of our toys are named after our dogs we had during our lifetime – or family/friends dogs. For instance, our first 4 toys - Georgia Gator, Henry Frog, Rocket Raccoon and Edsel Elephant - were each named after the 4 dogs we had when we began Fluff & Tuff. After all, they are our inspiration! For other toys, we just have a lot of fun creating names that coordinate with the type of animal they are. For example:
  • Louis Cardinal for the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Hendrix Fox for Jimi Hendrix song “Foxy Lady”
  • Christopher Colobus - since it is a Colobus monkey – is a play on Christopher Columbus.

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Play Safe

Always supervise your dog’s play time. While our toys are made with high quality materials to be more durable, they are still plush toys – not chew toys – and therefore are not indestructible. All Fluff & Tuff toys meet the same strict standards set for manufacturing children’s plush toys in the United States, including: ASTM F963-11 (Standard Consumer Safety Specs for Toy Safety), testing for lead and Phthalates, and double scanning for foreign or metal objects.

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