About Us

Chris and Ellen Lawson founded Fluff & Tuff in 2010. They are both lifelong dog lovers, and the inspiration for Fluff & Tuff actually came from their own experience.

After years of buying ordinary plush toys and seeing their dogs either tear them up too quickly or simply lose interest in them, Ellen began to wonder why all of the plush toys available for dogs were so cheaply made – especially when there were plenty of well-made plush toys for children.

After some more pondering, research, and collaboration with Chris and a friend who happened to be in the business of making plush toys for kids, the Fluff & Tuff concept came to life: well-designed, irresistible and durable plush toys for dogs made from high-quality materials that meet the same high standards as plush toys for kids.


Commitment to Quality

We’re committed to the quality and safety of our product, providing exceptional customer service and giving back through product donations and the creation of our annual holiday charity toy, which donates 100% of its profits to charity. We’re proud of the superior quality of our products and go to great lengths to maintain those high standards for our retailers and their customers.

Research & Development

Meet the team
Our Research and Development team consists of highly trained canine experts. Each team member brings to the table years of field research with specific experience in the area of dog behavior as it relates to "dog toys." Each product has undergone extensive durability testing.


Nickname: "Queen Bee"

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Style of Play: Tear/Bite

If your dog loves their Fluff & Tuff toy, they have Georgia to thank! She is the inspiration behind our company and our first toy – Georgia Gator – is named after her. About a year old when we adopted her through a small rescue group outside Savannah, GA (hence her name) in 2009, Georgia is a chunky, 65 lb. Pitbull mix with a very playful personality who is as sweet as she is stubborn. She loves her toys, but if she could, she would love to spend all day, every day, hunting chipmunks.


Nickname: “Noodle”

Breed: Hound Mix

Style of Play: Tug/Pull

Originally from Alabama, Noodle was adopted through the wonderful Peace and Paws Rescue. He had very rough start, but you'd never know it thanks to his amazing foster family. We can't thank them enough! Born in December of 2012, Harry is a spunky, goofy hound mix full of energy who loves everybody and everything. One of his favorite pastimes is playing tug of war with Georgia and a Fluff & Tuff toy.

Play Safe

Always supervise your dog’s play time. While our toys are made with high quality materials to be more durable, they are still plush toys – not chew toys – and therefore are not indestructible. All Fluff & Tuff toys meet the same strict standards set for manufacturing children’s plush toys in the United States, including: ASTM F963-11 (Standard Consumer Safety Specs for Toy Safety), testing for lead and Phthalates, and double scanning for foreign or metal objects.

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